Chiropractic explained

Your nervous system controls the function of every cell, tissue, organ and system of your body. It consists of your brain, spinal cord and millions of nerves that branch out to every part of your anatomy making it the most complex system of your body.

Many everyday activities can cause your spinal bones to lose their normal position or motion. This irritates your nervous system, which may disrupt the normal function of your body.

Chiropractors locate tension, misalignment or altered function of your spine (subluxations) and focus on improving the function of your spine, which helps to free the flow of information throughout your nervous system.

With chiropractic, many people naturally find relief from aches, pains, and grow flexible and healthy.

At Peak Health Centre we have HICAPS facilities for your convenience and are registered with all Health Funds, so you can make your claim immediately. Also, under the Enhance Primary Care Plan (EPC) you can claim your treatment through Medicare.

Chiropractic may help improve these conditions:

  • Reduced Tension and Pain
  • Relieving Back and Neck Pain
  • Relieving Migraines and Headaches
  • Improved Posture and Scoliosis
  • Greater flexibility, strength and muscle coordination
  • Reduced Spinal Degeneration or Decay

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral to see the Chiropractor? 

No. Just call to make an appointment. You are also welcome to simply come and see us at our clinic.

Can I claim rebates from my Chiropractic treatment? 

Yes. All private health funds cover chiropractic. Your rebate will depend on the level of cover you are on. We also deal with Workers Compensation and Third Party Insurance claims. Medicare rebates are also accepted under an Enhanced Primary Care Plan referred by a GP.



online Booking:

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