Exercise Classes


Trim & Tone

The Trim & Tone Class is carefully designed for all ages and all fitness levels. A series of constant fat burning exercises designed to optimize calorie burn and take the boredom out of regular monotonous cardio workouts. Trim & Tone provides a range of cardiovascular, muscular endurance and agility based benefits.

Classes will include:

  • Multiple resistance training stations

  • Cardiovascular stations

  • Boxing

  • Stretching

Classes are kept to a minimum size to ensure individual attention!

Trim & Tone Classes are on at:

Wednesday 6pm

$22 Casual classes 

$180 for 10 weeks of classes




“In ten sessions you will feel the difference, in twenty you will see the difference and in thirty you’ll have a whole new body.”
– Joseph H. Pilates

Pilates is a system of mental and physical conditioning that requires the use of the whole body. Each movement is thoughtful, precise and controlled allowing you to target areas and achieve health, fitness and mobility goals.

Pilates is particularly good for dealing with injury and can be adapted to suit your individual needs. Pilates strengthens the small, stabilising muscles that hold your joints together. Physiotherapists often recommend pilates as one facet of a recovery program due to its ability to enable its users to manage their injuries while improving strength and aiding in a number of other health benefits such as weight loss, muscle tone and flexibility.


Tuesdays 6pm

$22 Casual classes 

$180 for 10 weeks of classes

Conducted by A University qualified  Accredited Exercise Physiologist. 

Health Fund rebates may apply


Veterans Exercise


Our veterans exercise programs provide fully funded exercise to eligible ex servicemen, women and their partners.

DVA pays for the clinically necessary treatment.

It involves a university qualified exercise specialist called an Exercise Physiologist to prescribe exercise on a one on one basis and free access to our private gym.

DVA also pays for the clinically necessary treatment to see our Physiotherapist  and Chiropractor .

Send us a message or give us a call on 98268785 to find out more information



Active Kids Program

Mums and dads aren’t the only ones hitting the gym. Active Kids is a fun and educational workout for children aged 5-15. The class aims to create healthy habits from an early age while also providing the building blocks for maintaining a positive body image and a healthy weight range. Exercise has not only been proven to build strong bones and boost cardiovascular fitness, but they’ll be so tuckered out that sleep patterns for kids (and parents) will also be vastly improved. And even better, it’s free with the Active Kids Vouchers for the 8 Week Program or $100 (and health fund rebates may apply if you have cover).



Start them young with an engaging program of fun activities sure to ignite the love of fitness.

  • Fun and supportive atmosphere

  • Build confidence

  • Increase strength and cardiovascular fitness

  • Improve sleep patterns

  • Motivate kids to look after their health


Diabetes Classes

If you suffer from Type 2 Diabetes  you are eligible to receive  8 sessions of Diabetes Group Exercise Classes through Medicare and receive an Initial assessment with our Accredited Exercise Physiologists FREE as we bulk bill.
Call us on 98268785 if you require more information.


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